Grain-Free For Gunner

Hey out there!

I have a friend who was asking if I was going to make a gluten-free treat. Although I use whole oats in three of the treats, and oats are technically gluten-free, I've read that oats are frequently contaminated with wheat during the growing or processing states.

I know...getting really technical here. But, if your dog has sensitivity to gluten, I'm happy to provide a fresh and healthy alternative to spending a ton on those other guys' treats.

And so was born...Gunner's Grain-Free!

This one I had to work with a bit, but the end result was seriously drool-worthy (says Henry).

I started with organic sweet potatoes, added Bob's Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour, local eggs (more on that later), and whoa. Gunner was one happy guy.

World saved. xoxo Lauren & Henry

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