treats galore, this way

Small, medium, or large? Uh, do I have to answer that?

I'm talking about treats, silly. What did you think?

Haha, ok. But seriously, there are so many combinations to choose from!

"Bites" are the little round guys. They're perfect for training, puppies, little dogs, big dogs, strange dogs, happy dogs, you get it.

"Chews" are those cute bone shapes, the medium guy. You can break 'um in half or just give the pup the whole thing. Henry has a ritual for the "chew", he takes it up to the front rug, lays down, and then devours it. He knows it's special.

This guy has been on my mind for a while and here he is, finally a reality; "Chomp"

A whopper of a treat, this one's for your Great Danes and Huskies, or maybe a birthday? Oh yeah, you're not going to forget their birthday, right?

The best part is, you can order any size, any flavor, any time.

I'm here for you. email for special requests, I love to create new things for you

Bites: 12/bag

Chews: 5/bag

Chomps: 2/bag

xoxo, Lauren & Henry

quality ingredients

funky flavors

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