February 4, 2017

...a tiny word, with so much marrow.






By the time I woke up this morning, my husband had left for work. But I was kept warm, and bookended by our dog Henry, and cat, Athena (Tina).


Henry looked up at me for a moment. His beard flattened, eyes half-open, and when he realized I wasn't getting up, plopped his head back down into the blankets.


Rare is such devotion in this world. So we crave it. Maybe that's why so many people are ever-devoted to their dog, cat, bird, emu, horse, bunny, etc.


And they are forever-willing to cuddle when we need it, take breather and run through the woods, and ride along wherever the day may take us.


In honor of Valentine's Day 2017, I've created the Henry's Original "Heart Bites" and "Heart Chomps" .


Because you mustn't forget about your fuzzy/scruffy Valentine.




I've got an idea, a challenge even.


Keep the love going all year.


Wake up and decide to smile. Talk to that person at the register. Be kind. Be generous.


That's love.


Our pets show us everyday, and we show them back.


What good teachers they are.


So today, take your lesson outside, practice it, you just may like how you feel.


love, today and always,

lauren & henry





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