Kossuth Animal Rescue {Event}

Greetings, my furry friends.

Today I want to tell you about a group that's close to my heart.

In Algona, where I live, we don't have an animal shelter.

Can you believe it?

What we do have is a group of people (Kossuth Animal Rescue) who care about animals so much that they've volunteered, and created their own "shelter."

They've fostered animals until the right home could be found, advertised when a local pet is missing, and are fundraisers extraordinaire (along with much more).

Because they're the best kind of people.

The protectors of animals.

So please, if you're around the area this Saturday, come on over.

You'll feel like one of the family, digging into a pile of pancakes, meeting a few dogs, and enjoying this great crew of people.

If you can't make it, because you're one of our lovely out-of-staters, please consider going to their page kossuthanimalrescue.org to make a donation.

They're currently raising funds for a shelter.

Three cheers for Kossuth Animal Rescue Volunteers.


Lauren & Henry


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