February 17, 2017

Henry's Handcrafted in a few words.




Let me tell you, it's tough. When you love what you do this much, you tend to go on and on and, well you get it.


I had to take all of the reasons why I created these treats for dogs, and squish it into a few words.


Also, behind every great company is a powerful slogan, right?


Just do it. Imagination at work. Stronger than dirt.


These are punchy, interesting, and get right to the point.


I was playing with: treats for people, made for dogs / feed your dog like you feed you, and worked with that for a while. But still, it wasn't short enough. It had to roll off the tongue.


Then the a-ha moment came (I don't have to tell you where I was when it did, right?), and a light shone down from heaven and it said:




  honest treats.





Because when you break down Henry's Handcrafted, and look at the core of our business, that's what we're about.


I start with honest ingredients:

Dried Blueberries from Bob's Red Mill (no additives)

Block Cheddar from WI (hand grated for each batch)

Whole Oats (Mom brand)

Organic Coconut Flour (Bob's Red Mill)

Local Eggs (Sow Bountiful)

Local Honey (Ingalls)

Organic Sweet Potatoes

Local Apples (in season-when not in season, fresh from my local grocer)

Organic Carrots


And I bring those fabulous ingredients together in funky flavor combos so they're a unique taste experience for dogs. Then, they're rolled out, cut out, baked, and I get them to you because they're made without preservatives. So they don't last for years. They last about a month.


                                         So fresh.



At a time when there's so much confusion about products,

you can trust in Henry's Handcrafted.


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honest treats.

















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