meet the dog {Gunner}

Gunner is quite the guy (that's him on the right)

Gunner was Henry's first friend when we moved to Algona, Iowa.

We met Gunner and his mom, Cindy at our dog park and since then, meet whenever we can because we're the best of pals now.

Cindy and I bring each other tea, talk about our days, laugh at our dogs, all while they explore the park/woods/trail we happen to be on that day.

Henry is pretty fast.

You can see here, Gunner trails a bit behind him

How cute is that?

They're buds.

The kind of friends we all wish to have, and I am lucky to have found a friend in Gunner, and his mom Cindy.

He also loves to roll in the snow.

Gunner is the reason I created this grain-free delight.

He's got a bit of a sensitive stomach, so they were looking for something grain-free.

Thus, after some time in the kitchen, Gunner's Grain-Free was born.

They're made with Organic Sweet Potatoes, Bob's Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour, Local Eggs from Sow Bountiful, and a bit of filtered water.

We're proud to call our treat Gunner, and happy we were able to make a treat for our dear friend that was healthy, delicious, and great for his digestion.

See ya soon, Gunner!

hugs, L & H

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