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Warm greetings,

As most of you know, Henry's Handcrafted is currently a one-woman (and one dog) show.

I bake, write, market, package, repeat. (Henry eats)

So, although I love you all, and I adore my job, I am taking a few weeks to adventure, eat, and enjoy time with my fabulous husband.

March 16-29, our online henryshancrafted.com store and our Etsy shop will temporarily be in vacation mode.

I will not be able to respond to emails, or take orders through Facebook or email.

It's called a vacation for a reason, right?

Are your treats running low?

Don't let your dog find out.

Order before March 16.

If you're like me and you don't "plan ahead" very well, our dog treats are always available at Holmes Animal Clinic in Algona, IA.

Thanks so much for your orders, and your stories.

You and your dogs are the reason Henry's Handcrafted is movin' on up!


Lauren & Henry

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