Henry's Gets Local

I began Henry's Handcrafted one year ago with the following goals:

1. Provide an honest, unique tasting dog treat

2. Source great ingredients, local whenever possible

3. Give back to our community

Well, we've got no. 1 down, baby. Check our Instagram to see how busy we've been.

Since our move to Wisconsin, we've had to begin all over again to find a local source for eggs, and other ingredients.

Search over when numerous locals told me about Fisher Farm in Two Rivers. I messaged the owner, and within days, Val had delivered delicious farm-fresh eggs. (just laid that morning)

Ingredients of Madeline treat pictured:

Sardines, Fisher Farm Eggs, Organic Carrots, Whole Oats

I use them in my own baking as well. They're fresh, and oh so much tastier than store bought eggs.

Last week, I also added a lettuce/kale mix and radishes, wowie!! We're hoping to support them for other produce later in the summer, so stay tuned because we want to share where our ingredients come from.

Check out the Fisher Farm page here.

Support our local farmers, my friends!

Here's to life being delicious, and treats bein' honest. Lauren & Henry

quality ingredients

funky flavors

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