Henry's Fundraises for Woodland Dunes Nature Center

I'm over the moon...or should I say, this opportunity is the bees knees?

Henry's Handcrafted is proud to announce our fundraiser for Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Preserve.

Woodland Dunes is home to plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, and invertebrates. It's a place in Two Rivers, Wisconsin that feels untouched by human hands; completely owned by wildlife.

People are encouraged to enjoy the 1,300 acres.

Activities include hiking, skiing, bird watching, learning opportunities, or simply enjoy a few hours with nature.

Being there is like taking the deepest breath you've taken all day.

Woodland Dunes offers experiences for young and old alike.

I'm planning to take my niece and nephew there tomorrow to play around in the stream, eat mulberries, watch for critters, and get creative in the art and music area.

The activities for kids are endless, which makes this the perfect venue for your next fun-day. (admission is free, go get dirty)

The Dunes also offers summer camps, group hikes, and great family activities like Nature Time Tuesdays, Yoga at the Dunes, and upcoming Owl Fest (July 29).

Whooo's in?

Click here to see their schedule.

This place is truly a gem. So fly on over there (I've got all the nature puns), enjoy a stroll, and find our very own Henry's Handcrafted "Henry's Fundraiser" treats in their gift shop.

They're special, of course. (because dogs deserve it)

See? How can one resist all that cuteness?! What a great gift for the dog-lover who's got it all.

If you're not a local like Henry, jump on over to our shop, and purchase a bag there. The profits will help us support our local treasure, Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Preserve.

Do good, be good, get on out and play,

Lauren & Henry

Click here to make a donation to Woodland Dunes

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