Henry's Handcrafted + The Graced Podcast

I had the fabulous opportunity to sit down with Natalie Weber of Graced (Manitowoc, WI) and record an episode for her new podcast: The Graced Podcast.

What fun!

Natalie is also a photographer, and the eye behind our beautiful new product photos on our website and social medias.

Isn't she talented?!

The Graced Podcast is uplifting and inspiring.

In the episodes debuted so far, Natalie sits down with a guest and chats about subjects like small business, and family life.

She has a knack for getting down to the nitty-gritty, squeezing out honest answers to give listeners a momentary peek into the lives of these strong, independent women.

The podcast is timely because couldn't we all use to connect to each other right now? (yes, wink)

The Graced Podcast is helpful for those thinking about starting a business.

It confirms that we don’t need to have millions of dollars in the bank, and a full-time staff.

We can do this on our own, with a little creativity, the willingness to learn, and a healthy supply of Tall Bean Coffee.

The newest episode features Natalie, explaining the Six Key Roles of a Small Business Owner.

I'm about to hit play, coffee in one hand, and a pen in the other.

I started Henry’s Handcrafted last June, and it has grown and blossomed in ways that I could never have imagined since that first (tiny) batch of Henry’s Original dog treats.

(See my first product photo below, aww!)

This interview experience was such a positive one for me because it forced me to look back, evaluate, and confirm that I am continuing to make the best dog treat I can, and for the right reasons.

Natalie and I chatted about how Henry’s Handcrafted {treats for dogs} got started, what my biggest challenges are and were, and what advice I'd give to others who have that same entrepreneurial spirit.

I won't ruin it for you; go take a listen for yourself.

There are five episodes of The Graced Podcast posted on ITunes.

Believe me, this is the podcast you never knew you needed.

Happy listening,

Lauren + Henry

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